Top 10 Reasons to Choose Barnestorm as Your EHR

  1. Barnestorm does NOT cut into your profits by charging you for a percentage of every claim you bill as our competitors do–we have a fixed price based on the number of software users and offices. Barnestorm’s fully web-enabled Home Health EHR performs all required billing to Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance and has many other features besides being very competitively priced.
  2. All-inclusive, no hidden fees or percentages. Some of our competitors charge a percentage of your profits rather than a monthly fee, and they add on monthly charges for various features of the software. With Barnestorm, all features AND updates are included: one license fee and a monthly support fee that doesn’t change for the life of the contract. We don’t charge a percentage of your profit; we assist you in creating the highest profit possible for your agency through advanced communication and reporting features.
  3. Superior customer support. We return your calls quickly, solve your problems, and add software customizations to your specifications. In addition, we offer you several means to communicate with us: an instant messenger built into the software, an online request tracker, the ability for us to log into your computer remotely to provide expert technical assistance, an online call back request, and a toll-free phone line. Read customer comments about our software and support.
  4. Expert Knowledge of Home Health, Medicaid and Medicare. More than 25 years of experience with Home Health, Medicaid and Medicare, CAP and PCS, legislation changes for billing, and all compliance and regulations.
  5. Electronic records. Our system allows for 100% paperless electronic records, associating all hand-signed documents with the patient’s record and allowing them to be viewed and printed as needed.
  6. Security. Advanced security measures keep your data secure and ensure compliance with privacy requirements for patient data: biometric (fingerprint) login capability for tablet computers; auto-hide function to hide confidential data in seconds if needed (on Point of Care); secure, in-house server option in addition to managed web host.
  7. Designed for speed, accuracy and ease of use – Barnestorm Point-of-Care software was designed by and for home health clinicians. It incorporates many ways to reduce typing, allowing nurses to click buttons or select customizable text to enter information, which saves time, ensures accuracy and standardizes documentation for consistent and uniform content.
  8. Easy-to-Use Point of Care. Nurses may conduct patient assessments, initial 485s, and OASIS from tablet PC computers in the patient’s home. The patient may sign the visit note using a stylus pen directly on the tablet and their signature will apply to that visit only and be recorded on the electronic record as well as the printed copy.
  9. HIPAA-compliant. Electronic claims can be transmitted in batches to Medicare and Medicaid. Automatic calculations and adjustments, as well as Accounts Receivable detailed reporting, ensures that your payments are tracked and reported. If you are considering one of our competitors, ask them for client references who can describe their electronic claim process and their automatic posting of remittances.
  10. No internet connection required to conduct business. You can perform ALL activities without an internet connection except transmitting claims. Nurses can sync their notes to the home health database either by connecting at the office or by connecting from home to your secured network.

Barnestorm software is full-featured enterprise-level software for billing and clinical needs of agencies of all sizes, including over 200 reports, scheduling, supply requisitions and inventory as well as A/R and many other features.


With more than 30 years of experience in home health software, our experts on staff include:

  • Registered Nurses,
  • Home Care Coding Specialist,
  • Billing specialists,
  • Technical support gurus,
  • IT experts,
  • Instructional designer, and
  • Programmers.

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