Mental & Behavioral Health

Barnestorm Software offers easy-to use Electronic Health Records (EHR) and NC Healthconnex integration for Behavioral Health and Human Services Providers

eCharting, scheduling, and billing for Behavioral Health provider types including Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Foster Care, per diem, Personal Care, Respite, Community Inclusion, Supportive Living, HRI, CBI, Group Homes, CAP/MR, CAP/DD, CAP/DA, Psychiatry & Counseling, Residential Facilities, Community Support, and Intellectual & Developmental Disability Services.

Speak to an Account Executive in North Carolina about your mental health business and electronic health record needs. We create custom solutions for each customer, so each demo is tailored to meet your needs and answer your specific questions.


We can have you trained and using the software in days!

A small setup fee and low set monthly fee based on the number of users, so we don't take a percentage of your profits like many other vendors.

Health and Human Services Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Forms


  • Authorization Tracking allows you to easily see the difference between how much time you've used and how much you're authorized for.
  • Set hours or visits for any time frame (week, month, or year).
  • Set the authorization expiration date.
  • Find out how many authorized hours or visits you've used and how many are left.
  • Get a list of expiring authorizations before they expire.


  • We charge a flat fee for services, so we don't take a percentage of your profit like many other vendors.
  • Batch electronic billing for all your patients at once, so billing is fast and easy!
  • Connect directly to Medicaid for billing, remittance, and eligibility.
  • We build batch billing for MCOs as well, so you can build all your claims and send them to the MCOs all at once!


  • Easy drag-and-drop calendars for patients and staff.
  • Client reminders by SMS text messages or email.
  • Client may confirm or cancel appointment by text message.
  • Easily change staff member on appointments in seconds.
  • Sync staff schedule to Google calendar.

Behavioral and Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse and Foster Care

  • Record your client encounters quickly and easily.
  • DHHS forms fill in automatically from your Person Centered Plan--no copying and pasting needed! Grids auto-fill from PCP.
  • Scan and upload all paper charting to patient folders in the Cloud. So you never have to worry about losing your records or carrying around pounds of paper.
  • All your offices can access the system, view client records, and create new forms.

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Client Visits, Schedules and Reminders

  • Easy drag-and-drop calendar that syncs with Google calendar.
  • Easily change staff member in seconds.
  • Scheduled visit reminders for clients by email or text message.
  • Staff portal for web-based access to daily schedule.
Mental Health Schedule

Easy to Use Interface

Easy interface puts everything at your fingertips:

  • Your client list.
  • Your schedule for today.
  • All electronic health records for the client for you to review.
  • Easily add a new assessment or other form for your client.
  • Easily create a chargeable visit for your client.
  • Get secure messages from co-workers.
  • Set secure reminders for patient-related activities.
  • Options for doing all of the above on the web or on a desktop.

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Batch Electronic Billing for Medicaid and MCOs

  • Connect to MCOs to upload batch claims you create in Barnestorm: 
    • Eastpointe, Trillium, Sandhills, Cardinal, Partners, and Alliance
  • Employee reports include detail of daily time. View visit and time statistics in several categories.
  • Summary reports for payroll and export to major payroll vendors like ADP and PayChex.
  • Track authorized hours and services on each client.
  • Accounts receivable reports include detail of billing paid and balance forward statements. View your totals for month, quarter, and year by ledger categories, 30-60-90 by patient or payer, and month-to-month balance totals.
  • Transmit HIPAA-compliant claims in batches to Medicaid.
  • Verify patient eligibility in batches that can be created and sent to EDS in seconds.
  • Quickly identify patients with Medicaid eligibility issues and correct the issues one time in the system.
  • Payer reports include detailed ledgers of charges by patient and date statistics.
  • Post payments automatically from the Electronic Remittance Advice.
  • Electronic batch billing for many provider types, including: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Foster Care, per diem, Personal Care, Respite, Community Inclusion, Supportive Living, HRI, CBI, Group Homes, CAP/MR, CAP/DD, CAP/DA, and more.
  • Transmit and receive eligibility verification for all active patients in seconds.
  • Connect directly to NC Tracks to transmit batch claims electronically.