Mental & Behavioral Health

Barnestorm Software offers easy-to use Electronic Health Records (EHR) for health and human services providers. We can have you trained and using the software in days! A small installation fee and low set monthly fee based on the number of users, so we don't take a percentage of your profits like many other vendors.

Health and Human Services Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Forms

  • The forms in our system look exactly like what you're used to, so your staff doesn't have to learn anything new!
  • We fill in the DHHS Person-Centered Profile (PCP) for each patient automatically!
  • Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (DHHS) standard forms.
  • DHHS forms fill in automatically so you don't have to copy and paste on grids!
  • Record your employee/client encounters quickly and easily.
  • Integrated DHHS and Medicaid forms so you don't have to worry about compliance.


  • Authorization Tracking allows you to easily see the difference between how much time you've used and how much you're authorized for.
  • Set hours or visits for any time frame (week, month, or year).
  • Set the authorization expiration date.
  • Find out how many authorized hours or visits you've used and how many are left.
  • Get a list of expiring authorizations before they expire.


  • We charge a flat fee for services, so we don't take a percentage of your profit like many other vendors.
  • Batch electronic billing for all your patients at once, so billing is fast and easy!
  • Connect directly to Medicaid for billing, remittance, and eligibility.
  • We build batch billing for MCOs as well, so you can build all your claims and send them to the MCOs all at once!


  • Our friendly support is our best feature!
  • 98% of calls and chats are resolved in 10 minutes or less!
  • All of our staff are located in North Carolina and have a minimum of 7 years of experience in EHR. So the person who answers the phone can actually answer your question!

Behavioral and Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse and Foster Care

  • Record your client encounters quickly and easily.
  • DHHS forms fill in automatically from your PCP--no copying and pasting needed!
  • Scan and upload all paper charting to patient folders in the Cloud. So you never have to worry about losing your records or carrying around pounds of paper.
  • All your offices can access the system, view client records, and create new forms.

Batch Electronic Billing for Medicaid and MCOs

  • Connect to MCOs to upload batch claims you create in Barnestorm: 
    • Eastpointe, Trillium, Sandhills, Cardinal, Partners, and Alliance
  • Employee reports include detail of daily time. View visit and time statistics in several categories.
  • Summary reports for payroll and export to major payroll vendors like ADP and PayChex.
  • Track authorized hours and services on each client.
  • Accounts receivable reports include detail of billing paid and balance forward statements. View your totals for month, quarter, and year by ledger categories, 30-60-90 by patient or payer, and month-to-month balance totals.
  • Transmit HIPAA-compliant claims in batches to Medicaid.
  • Verify patient eligibility in batches that can be created and sent to EDS in seconds.
  • Quickly identify patients with Medicaid eligibility issues and correct the issues one time in the system.
  • Payer reports include detailed ledgers of charges by patient and date statistics.
  • Post payments automatically from the Electronic Remittance Advice.
  • Electronic batch billing for many provider types, including: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Foster Care, per diem, Personal Care, Respite, Community Inclusion, Supportive Living, HRI, CBI, Group Homes, CAP/MR, CAP/DD, CAP/DA, and more.
  • Transmit and receive eligibility verification for all active patients in seconds.
  • Connect directly to NC Tracks to transmit batch claims electronically.