Mental and Foster Care

Barnestorm Software has developed easy-to use software for mental health and foster care providers. A small installation fee and low monthly fee based on the number of users; we can have you trained and using the software in days.

  • Quick and simple entry of employee/client encounters
  • Integrated DSS Person-Centered Profile for each patient
  • Upload all paper charting to patient folders in the Cloud
  • All your offices can access the system, and chart, easily
  • Connect to MCOs to upload batch claims you create in Barnestorm
  • Employee reports include detail of daily time, summary reports for payroll and visit and time statistics in several categories
  • Track authorized hours and services on each client
  • Accounts receivable reports include detail of billing transferred to a/r, balance forward bills and statements, totals for month/quarter/year by ledger categories, 30-60-90 by patient or payer, month-to-month balance totals
  • HIPAA compliant claims can be transmitted in batches to Medicaid
  • Verify patient eligibility in batches that can be created and sent to EDS in seconds
  • Quickly identify patients with Medicaid eligibility issues, including Transfer of Assets and Carolina Access
  • Payer reports include detailed ledgers of charges by patient and date; several visit, time, and revenue statistics
  • Automatically post payments from the Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Billing for Mental Health, Foster Care per diem, Personal Care, Respite, Community Inclusion, Supportive Living, HRI, CBI, Group Homes, CAP/MR, CAP/DD, CAP/DA, etc.
  • Transmit and receive eligibility verification of all active patients
  • Connect directly to NC Tracks to transmit batch claims electronically