Electronic Visit Verification

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

As mandated by the Department of Health and Human services, providers like you must send electronic visit verification (visit start time & location, as well as end time & location) for every visit your clinicians make.

The electronic visit verification goes to Sandata, the EVV provider for Medicaid.

The trick is how to match your billing to the EVV, because they must match in order for Medicaid to reimburse.

Barnestorm interfaces directly with NC Tracks for batch billing, and can match your EVV times either with our CareChamp app, or with a download from Sandata.

Electronic Visit Verification in North Carolina

Barnestorm Solutions for Electronic Visit Verification

Simplified Solution: Billing Matcher

Pulls your confirmed EVV from Sandata and creates batch electronic billing.

Batch billing creates all your claims for all your patients in one file. You never have to retype patient info, ICDs, visit times, employees, or HCPCS.

Interfaces directly with NC Tracks to send your batch claims with one click, and receive remittance advice with one click as well.

Basic Billing

Enterprise Solution: Records System with EVV

Enterprise-level electronic record system tracks your patients, employees, schedules, and billing.

EVV app for your field staff, called CareChamp, includes all tasks to be performed, as well as GPS locator and all required EVV data.

Billing Matcher included.

Electronic Visit Verification in North Carolina

CareChamp Mobile Health App

CareChamp: Easy Mobile Health App

Schedule your personal care services in Barnestorm with tasks and they sync immediately to CareChamp.

CareChamp Mobile Health App allows you to document your visit on your phone with start & end times, documentation of the care you provided, and vitals if needed. You can even use your voice to dictate instead of typing!

CareChamp syncs schedules and visits in real-time back for:

If you prefer to use Sandata, Barnestorm is fully integrated with Sandata and will allow you to pull comparison reports and run electronic billing based on what your aides enter using Sandata Electronic Visit Verification.

Barnestorm is the go-between that allows you to use Sandata and ensure that those visits get billed to Medicaid.